If you think that mainstream Nepali films lack audacious story, Prem Pinda is not to be missed. Based on the powerful play about the infatuation of the then Rana General with one of his maids, Prem Pinda has been able to visualize the contemporary scenario of extravagant Rana culture.

The story starts in a aristocratic setting where the general takes a girl in as maid and assigns her to one of the jobs available in the palace. Blessed with unnatural beauty, the general falls for the maid, who falls in love with one of the valet at the palace. But the problem with this love is the general doesn’t allow any of the workers to love within the palace premises. The general slowly discovers that there is something going on between these two lovers.

The general then tries to lure the girl into sleeping with him by giving her privileges only his wife could have entertained. Then comes the worst part of the movie as it turn out to be too righteous. The girl sticks to her stand that love is the greatest thing, that she has already “given her heart to someone else” and all. I believe that this part would have been great if the “hero and heroine” of the movie had let themselves loose during the act.

So, the general fails and decides to send the “hero” to one of his palace that could have been anywhere in the country. The hero unable to restrain himself of the love of the girl falls sick because of some contemporary pandemic. The girl finds out that the hero is dying and tries to escape the palace. Then there is one intense scene where the general accepts his failure and lets the girl go. She leaves with her brother. She is filled with both excitement and fear as she sets out to meet her lover. But when she reaches, her lover is taking his last breath. He dies finally and she unable to hold herself without her lover, jumps off the cliff to give her life away.

Though some of the actors were unable to justify their role, Neer Shah  deserves applause for his presentation. He has richly demonstrated the emotions of an aristocratic general. The movie has some best Nepali songs too. The major problem with the movie lies in direction. Ill-direction has plagued the Nepali movie industry since a long time and Prem Pinda could have been better with more concentrated direction. Nevertheless, this movie has set a milestone in Nepalese film industry during a time when media technology was still very crude.

Cosmic Buddha


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